Machinery and equipment semi-automatic production line of artificial stone Nano cement Plast with a maximum capacity of 300 square meters per shift produce of artificial stone cement Plast with different knowledge and technology in the construction industry – technology and production formula concrete adhesive, adhesive tile and ceramic adhesive Construction and building adhesives, concrete additives and chemical additives building, training and production line of nano-glass engineered stone

semi-automatic artificial stone production line-equipment artificial stone nano cement plast production line-concrete marble artificial stone
The production complex  |  artificial stone production line machinery and equipment Cement Plast semi-automatic | , corresponding to the loads of raw materials, according to system settings by machinery and equipment production lines, the production of artificial stone  cement Plast in this collection is guaranteed. But the determination of the dosage of raw materials and other additives, as well as identification of significant and relevant response to the construction of artificial stone products Cement Plast  desired due to the weather and is responsible for operator. Because of lower operating pressure on operators and production line machinery, the raw material loaded by the machine and production line machinery, operators should focus on when doing chemical reactions and polymers, and thus material made by the lines for the production of much higher quality than manual production line will have artificial stone cement Plast


The sensor can be used in future reactions will also be added to this device

cement plast artificial stone production line machinery-concrete marble granite adhesive eng stone semi-automatic machinery production line equipment
*** In terms of education technology of artificial stone cement plast and concrete marble artificial stone and other construction technologies, implementation of this contract the production line with automated production line will be similar artificial stone cement Plast ***

Technical characteristics of semi-automatic cement  plast artificial stone production line machines

Semi-automatic  production line with the capacity of 270 – 300 sqm  produce  in every shift along with technical knowledge and technology transfer  and training courses at the site of the project


machinery artificial stone- semi-automatic artificial stone production lin-machine artificial stone-cement plast machine line
Semi-automatic artificial stone production line Advantages

Loading of raw materials is automatically along with the quality control of  materials

The ability to choose two formulas for mixture of materials by the central controller in cement plast technology artificial stone , this machine can make other technology   |  for example this machine and equipment can make different building adhesives , and make some product engineer artificial stone too

The ability to choose and set  99 formulas and recording the mixing proportions

The ability for frequent reporting  about the production process and ability to connect to the computer

Detection of the preparation of the mixture and automatic command to discharge valves

Injection of the mixture to the molds using one pneumatic valves

Automatic cleaning along with primary filtration of the sewage