Sepahan Artificial Stone

The Sepahan stone company has been established with the aim of providing the best services, offering the artificial stone and nano cement plast production lines and equipment, representing polymeric and nano materials and especially offering advanced formulations in various fields of building constructions

Some of the available technologies, formulations and the company’s services can be named as follow :
Providing various types of production lines (multipurpose production lines), cement plast artificial stone equipment and other innovative technologies related to artificial and engineering stones.

artificial stone-facade stone-cement plast stone-concrete stone antique-artificial stone technology transfer
 Marble and granite artificial stone production lineand interior and exterior building decorations with capacity of producing different types of flooring (Antique Mosaic), air-cutting decorative façades and alsobuilding adhesives and additives with the production capacity of 100 to 120 square meters per shift

 Artificial stone production line with a variety of designs and colors for interior and exterior decorations by the capacity of producing different types of flooring (Antique Mosaic) and air-cutting decorative facadesand also building adhesives and additives with the production capacity of 150 to 200 square meters per shift, upgradable to more up-to-dated technologies and capable for utilizing its machines in other automatic and semi-automatic production lines

 Semi-automatic artificial stone production line  and building adhesives production line , with daily production capacity of 250 to 300 square meters per shift

 Automatic artificial stone and building adhesives production line, with daily production capacity of 350 square meters per shift and twin automatic production line, with daily production capacity of 650 to  700 square meters per shift

Offering the production formulation of various artificial stones for interior and exterior decoration with different volume densities and properties, and also production formulation and modern techniques of painting for interior and exterior decorations – laminate over stone surfaces

Offering formulation of various building adhesives including: formulation of different pool and tile powder adhesives, a variety of dough adhesives for tile, artificial and natural stone installation;various concrete sand power adhesive additives and their formulations; formulation of various building primers for painting and preparing plaster walls to install stones on their surface; anti-scurf and water-poof primers;formulation of double-part and multi-part sealers; colorful and anti-bacterial joint powders; formulation of luminescent  and anti-UV resins for interior and exterior deigns; formulation of ready-to-used grouts, epoxy and concrete expander  grouts

 artificial stone adhesive-building adhesive-production line adhesive-formula trainig produce adhesive-tile adhesive-mixer adhesive-floor adhesive-facade stone adhesive
Formulation of various types of building additives including: providing micro silica gel formulation; formulation of bar planting adhesives;concrete curing formulation; immediate sealers for sealing concrete pipes and elevator pits;production formulation of artificial stone resins; various concrete resins formulation;production formulation of pool tile adhesives;fast preparation concrete lubricants formulation and shot crete;liquid waterproofing concretes; formulation of industrial molds’ oil, formulation of anti-freezeconcretes without chloride ions;and travertine stones mastics and adhesives


Selling and offering various types of air compressors in different capacities, mobile screw compressors; fixed screw compressors, centrifugal compressors and turbines, air filters, adsorption dryers; compressed air and gas tanks, gas generators; gas reciprocating compressors;high pressure air compressors;air and gas driers;compressed air filtration systems; oil and oil-free compressors;management of EPC projects in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industries; package of portable nitro generators;medical equipment, advanced dental and surgery beds, etc

eng artificial stone-artificial stone nano glass technology transfer training-cultured marble-corrian-quartz-solid surface productione line artificial stone

Providing production line and formulation of various engineered stones, antique partitions, stone panels and cabinets


artificial stone mold-artificial stone mould-concrete mold-stone mold-artificial stone facade mold-concrete marble mould-cement plast mold-antique mold-floor mold-tile mould
Offering a variety of artificial stone molds: various air-cutting and decorative molds, mosaic molds, stair stones indifferent sizes and a variety of cornice stones


We hope we can have a participation in development of our country by providing sincere and high level services with the help of our many years of experiences in various fields of industry


About us (Sepahan Artificial Stone) Sepahan Stone Company

Selling a product not only is not the end of story but also can be the beginning of a comprehensive commitment for better services; and those whohave no moral obligation in the field of selling and customer servicing, can never be successful

about Sepahan artificial stone company | Sepahan artificial stone is a company machinery artificial stone production line and technology transfer-mosaeik tile floor facade stone antique training know how install plan machine produce

During the years, despite the constraints and challenges facing the artificial stone industry, by more efforts, applying more individual initiatives in acquisition of new formulations and techniques,more experiences in designing industrial machinery and equipment, and adopting the policies and strategies in line with the predefined visions and goals,we have been able to overcome most of these problems and represent high performance techniques

Therefore, we have launched to build the new company of Sepahan Stone to share our deep experience (in the field of various technologies, variety of production lines and industrial and medical equipment and supplying raw materials with high quality and the lowest price) with our honorable customers

Sepahan artificial stone automatic machine equipment-automatic artificial stone nano cement plast-best quality of artificial stone machine production line

We hope our company’s admirable targets in the coming years (like the past years) will be obtained, by the efforts and abilities of the employees of the company and the client’s kindly supports who have been always helping and supporting us


Finally, with trust in God’s help, we hope we can further line with the country’s economic development and customer profitability